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Rank Tracker is free software aimed in helping you track your websites performance in SERPS quickly
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16 August 2012

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Track your search engine positions for all your keywords with Rank Tracker.

Pros: Rank Tracker does exactly what its name suggests. This application provides the tools necessary for tracking search engine ranks. You are able to also track changes in rankings over a time period of up to 3 years or for the maximum time the URL has been in existence.

To get started you choose the search engines you want to research, there’s a graphical tool do that easily. With the current rankings as well as history of changes one is able to clearly see if the SEO strategies adopted are working and how well. Exactly the tool one would want to have to be able to improve rankings and pull the necessary traffic to your site.

Compact view provides the rankings of your keywords at a glance on the three major search engines, namely Google, MSN and Yahoo. A detailed view provides other data such as date searched and if there has been change in rankings etc.

A second window lists URL’s found in top rankings for the list of keywords being searched. A third and probably most useful for the SEO project monitoring shows bar chart of rankings on the search engines chosen. This is a very effective visual tool.

The user interface is simple, easy to use and the wizard takes you through the steps necessary to set up the search with relevant key words. Several reports are available as are global setting for doing the search effectively.

Cons: None

Overall: Very easy to use application the Rank Tracker is exactly the tool you would like to have if your active in any kind of internet activity where your site popularity is vital to you. A 5 star application without a doubt.

Publisher's description

Rank Tracker can help you track your website performance in Search Engine Ranking quickly and Effortlessly. With advanced features such as human emulation and proxy support you can't go wrong when using Rank Tracker. Rank Tracker supports Google (.com and local), Bing and Yahoo as well as multi-language keywords.
Rank Tracker
Rank Tracker
Version V0.5
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User comments

Link Assistant`s RankTracker software appeared to be a good idea at the time but never have I been so disappointed with not only the software purchase, but the appalling support and follow up thereafter.

I tried the RankTracker software with a free trial and thought it was ok. I hadn`t tried anything else so as far as I was concerned at this stage, RankTracker appeared to have the things I needed to manage and follow my search engine optimization ranking and track my website.

The RankTracker tool allowed me to check my seo ranking, seo keyword density, and my kei (keyword effectiveness index). so I was pretty happy with the free version apart from the fact that I could not save any of my information or reports. So I decided that it passed most tests so I would purchase the Enterprise licence for over AUD$400 ... What a terrible mistake I made!

The software worked fine for 6 months and I started to build up a good database of trends and rankings and then the software stopped working with a message "Rank Tracker Live! Plan expired"! How could this be? After purchasing a RankTracker enterprise licence for over AUD$400 what is RankTracker live??? and when did I ever subscribe to the Live! Plan? I purchased a RankTracker enterprise licence... Isn`t "enterprise" usually the top end product? The whole box and dice??? Clearly not in Link-Assistant`s view...
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